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I’ll be honest. A couple of weeks ago, I was in utter despair with Ed Miliband’s leadership of the Labour Party. I bet many of you reading this were, too. He was stuck on repeat (literally) attacking public sector workers driven to strike by the government, leaving it to PCS leader Mark Serwotka and the BBC’s Evan Davis to shred Francis Maude’s fatally flawed arguments. He looked weak, directionless, spineless – and with no apparent prospect of leading Labour to victory at the next election.

But the British political scene has been transformed in just a fortnight. The wrongdoings of News International – a criminal syndicate that has corrupted and subverted British democracy for a generation – have repulsed the nation. David Cameron’s links with the Murdoch clan have raised the first question marks over his premiership. And – against the odds – Ed Miliband has tapped into public anger and led a remarkable crusade against Murdoch’s empire – which played no small part in forcing News Corporation to drop its bid for BSkyB.

What Ed Miliband has done is not without risks. Much of the power of Murdoch’s empire depends on terrifying politicians, not least with the presumption his goons have a bigger file on them than MI5. His advisors have already been warned by the empire that are seeking revenge.

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Written by Owen Jones

July 14, 2011 at 8:03 am

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  1. He is direction less, he about as socialist as my dirty sock, and he’s a chap who jumps on band wagons, Miliband is not in anyway going to win the next election even if the Tories mess up big time, being a type of working class Chav myself I see Miliband as I saw Blair rich kids who became Labour MP’s because simple it was the best easy way to power. Miliband started off with his main theme on the NHS when this went with the Tories stating ok we were wrong, Miliband had nothing, then along came NOTW and NI to save him but Labour are as badly affected by this group as the Tories, and once we find out about Blair with the Chilcot inquiry god help Labour new and old.

    Band wagons are great until the wheels come off, sadly once we find out that Miliband had twenty six meeting with NOTW and once the facts come out about Sky, sadly I think New labour will end up worse then Camerons lot both being basically under Murdocks control.

    I see nothing at all which would make me vote for both parties any,more.


    August 2, 2011 at 8:03 am

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